uthai tevi
Uthai Tevi

Summary :  Starting from Tida, Naga escape from the city of the bowels. Come visit the city of man and find love in the middle of the tree in the pool. When Indra hit Indra punishment, go outside the forest Himmapan, daughter serpent, wait until the birth of a bubble egg. Then use the eggs, wrap the eggs and spray the poison before returning to the ground. Incidentally, Toad had come to eat eggs, but died with poisonous serpents. When the egg hatches out, the girl thinks that the toad is the mother. And live in the remains of the toad. Two grandparents come fishing, rowing through the see to help grow up.

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Uthai Tevi

Native Title


Other Titles

ឧទយ័ទេវី, ទេពធីតាក្រុងនាគ








Adventure, Romance

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