panthai norasing
Panthai Norasing

Summary : In the year 2231, after King Narai the Great (Su Chao Pong Wilai) died His Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (Sompop Benchaikul) was crowned King of Ayutthaya. And appointed the Lord of the Tiger (Lieutenant Wan Winsawas) who is the son of the adopted Department of Royal Palace. Has authority to tax. But the tax collector. Phraya Ratchachat (Nirut Sirikanya) likes to impersonate the tiger god in the struggle to end the suffering of Phra Pichai (Sorapong Chatree). Former royal body of Vishnu. The people who led by Sin (Pongsri meritrikanon) robbed from the royal army.When the knowledge of the Lord Tiger The villagers came out to investigate the truth in Wiset Chai Chan, along with the gold (Somkiat Chan Brahman) to investigate this fact. The god of tigers must be beautiful, beautiful city of Wisdom Chan (Pim Daoist period) that is also one of the hearts of the people as well. A boxing match is a bet that occurs between the two. Followed by eye-to-eye competition. Whether it is sting boxing rope. Rowing Or before the shell bow to drowning.The more I cut the shear, the more I win. The more the events, the more intimate and the more genuine one. I will hold that vow to be a dead friend instead. I'm not sure if this is a good idea. The truth is revealed when the tiger goddess is given the rank. Pan Thai Nor Ra Sing There is a duty to hold the boat. When the tiger went to the river. Thousands of people know about the plan to assassinate Phichai. He had to choose between the overlords who gave him loyalty. Or choose the side of the Pichai patroness and associate Wisetchanchai. And between survival for love or suicide, to hold the word of duty.

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Panthai Norasing

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Action, Romance

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