kompol yuthisel theat tang 4
Kompol Yuthisel Theat Tang 4

Summary : Merchants trade to trade. Later, Phaya Hong (Rainbow Falcon) to catch people in the city eat every day. The governor may not be against Phayao. There are magicians volunteering with Phayung. It was eaten to death. The governor took her daughter, Mrs. Puthu. Hidden in the giant drum downtown. Phayung has come to eat people until it becomes a deserted city. The rest of the people fled to other cities. Tha Chin is the city of Punjapan. He has come to the deserted city. Take Sena to explore the city found a large drum in the middle of the city. The drum is a signal to know that there are people. When the drummer hears a young woman cry in a drum, she uses a drumstick in the drum. When Phrayung came to eat, he heard the drum of the Father bringing her into the drum, because the astrologer predicted that there would be a pharaoh to defeat Phaya Hui. When Phraya Flying Thaksin died in front of her. Thao Chulnee took her father to take her to Panjana City. Tha Chin was right consort first and then the name of the two are loving harmony. When she was pregnant. I think that Indra took 4 glasses that astrologer predicted that the son is very merit. Mrs. Akkee is jealous because she does not have a son. However, she still do well for Mrs. Pook consistently. When she was born, she would be born. Khun Akkhie was using a cloth wrapped around her ear. Claimed as the royal city of Punjaban. She took the puppy to change her baby. Then she painted the four children to leave the water. When Thao Chulnee learned that Pooka was a dog, she was angry. She is a good friend of mine. Pooka was carrying a puppy with her children to live with a widow, who was cruel to her. Four of them were cast The boat was floating at the waterfall. My grandmother is a good looking pediatrician. I do not know that the fourth child is not dead. So she painted the food poisoning to the pediatrician. My grandmother returned from the field, saw four pedophiles dying, hugging each other, mournful, so they were buried in all four corpses. Time passed shortly thereafter. Grandma is happy to see the four grandchildren live. Always water the Champa tillering. Khun Akkee know the other, then ordered Sena to cut the Champa to waste water. The Champa floats in front of the hermit's hermitage. The hermit is used to cut the Champa blood so it is not known that the Champa. The hermit is as old as the people. The little finger is broken because the hermit excerpted Champa. The hermit has a diamond finger power. The point is dead. The hermit taught various magic to the four children named Champa Gold Champa Silver Champa and a small name. Indra knew that Pooka was very troubled. So fake as a whispered story told to four children. The four children asked the mother to follow the mother hermit. On the way to the giant city. You have to point the diamond and giant giant resurrection giant to raise the city and daughter. You have to dominate the city. The daughter is the last three cities. But soon to live in each city to go to maternity leave. Indra Cheep Kaew arrived in Punjaborn. And tell the pediatric disguise as a joke to live with grandmother watching the garden. And find the mother until it is painted thin. When the mother's address is known, then dress the king's order to his old grandmother. Take me to the mall. When my mother met and told me about it, I was saddened. Four pedophiles give old grandmother a lot of gardening. And punish the cruel widowed mother cruelly. I think she is very angry. Then invited three brothers to the castle and wrote the message to his father at the bed. To send her fire and she painted close to punish and tell the truth. I know that the four sons are still alive. The next day, she caught Kazekage and she painted it for pedophilia. Fourth, the pediatrician decided to let go of the fire and she painted it in the sea. Then he took his chariot and took her back to the city. Fourth, the pediatrician brought his mother into the city with Thao Chula and to grandma. Raise yourself in the palace. The three of them asked to leave to rule the country with the king. ( Translate from Thai language by Google Translate )

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Kompol Yuthisel Theat Tang 4

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