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Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud
Native Title
Other Titles
កំពូលយុទ្ធិសិល្បដាវទេពសៀនយាន, XuanYuan Sword Legend The Clouds of Han
Historical, Wuxia
Set during a mythical era, the plot revolves around three opposing kingdoms and the heroic accomplishments of the young heroes and heroines of its time. Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of the Han Clouds 轩辕剑之汉之云 is a 40-episode Chinese TV series based on a popular online game in the fantasy genre that is yet another addition to the plentiful xianxia adaptations already airing left and right. The plot revolves around the three kingdoms of Shu, Wei and Wu and the heroic accomplishments of the young heroes and heroines of its time. It stars Leon Zhang Yun Long (Sword of Legends), Alan Yu Menglong (Three Lives Three Worlds), Guan Xiaotong (Novoland), Zhang Jianing, SNH48 Ju Jing Yi (Novoland), Vengo Gao Weiguang (Three Lives Three Worlds) and Daisy Dai Si (The Flame's Daughter). Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, two brothers whose entire existence are brought upon by the Xuan Yuan Sword are born but they are separated because of the war. As adults, they finally meet on the battlefield oblivious to their familial connection and fighting on opposing sides. Chao Yun is a courageous warrior of an army whose duty is to defend the people while Mu Yun pledges allegiance to a tyrannical general whose who has no qualms about killing the innocent. Will the brothers be able to overcome their differences? What will happen when they meet the same girl?
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