The Shaw Of Eleven Lang
Native Title
Other Titles
ព្យុះកាបិតរញ្ជួយពិភពគុណ, Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang
Action, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia
Can the best thief steal a woman’s heart? Xiao Shi Yi Lang (Kevin Yan) is a happy-go-lucky thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor. While on the hunt for a legendary saber known as the Deer Carver, he meets the beautiful Shen Bi Jun (Gan Ting Ting), a great martial artist. When Xiao repeatedly saves Bi Jun’s life, the two begin fall for each other. But Bi Jun is already engaged to Lian Cheng Bi (Zhu Yi Long), a great martial artist from a prominent family. The short-tempered Feng Si Niang (Li Yi Xiao), Xiao’s best friend, has always had a crush on him and isn’t too happy about Bi Jun stealing his heart. But Yang Kai Tai (Yu Qing Bin), the heir of a prosperous horse-breeding family, is smitten with Si Niang and is jealous of her friendship with Xiao. Can love win over the power of greed, jealousy and vengeance? “Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang” is a 2016 Chinese drama series. It is based on a popular novel by Gu Long.
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