Legend Of Nine Tails Fox
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Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Wuxia
Legend of the Nine Tails Fox 青丘狐传说 is a 32-episode Chinese drama based on a collection of stories taken from the Strange Tales of Liao Zhai, a classic text written by Pu Song Ling during the Qing dynasty. It revolves around a tribe of immortal fox spirits inhabiting Qing Qiu and follows their respective encounters in the human world. I have seen more gumiho-inspired stories than I can count and the one thing that it has taught me is that humans and mythical beings can never be. However, given that it is the month of February and with so many lovelines to root for, surely there must be a happy ending. The series stars Gulnezer Bextiyar (The Classic of Mountains and Seas), Gina Jin (Monster Killer), Sabrina Chen Yao (Monster Killer) and Xiao Cai Qi. The four ladies who are all born in the 90's make up the new batch of Tangren Entertainment's homegrown talents and are referred to as the four beauties of Tangren. Other members of the cast include Wang Kai (Disguiser), Jiang Jin Fu (Legend of Qin), Zhang Ruo Yun (Sparrow), Fu Xin Bo (Sword of Legends 2), Tina Tang Yixin (Rule the World), Qiao Xin (Ode to Joy), Mike D'Angelo, Chen Ruo Xuan (Novoland), Kiton Jiang (Love Just Come) and Di Tian Lin.
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